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Feb 10

Venom Teaser Trailer Reaction

The Venom TEASER has landed and like usual…people are divisive about it. Many hate the fact that it barely shows anything. Many people LOVE the fact that they didn’t really show anything. See my reaction above.

Jan 18

Venom Movie Featuring Tom Holland’s Spider-Man After All?

Make up your mind Sony and Marvel. I guess I can respect keeping a little surprise like this a secret. Collider Movie Talk’s, John Schneppy, claims that Spider-man will be featured in the Venom movie with Tom hardy, and he means Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. He says he has his sources telling him this so take …

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Dec 03

Tom Hardy Kind of Teases the Venom Costume

Tom Hardy does a little trading from the Venom movie set, as we get a kind of look at the costume he may wear. Now this could be something entirely different, but it does look like they might go with more of an Agent Venom look than the traditional look of Venom. Time will tell.

Oct 24

New Venom Movie Details Revealed as Production Starts

The Venom movie that we were all questioning from Sony, has begun production shown below be the official Twitter handle. Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) is directing while the lead of course is Tom Hardy, and just those two names has us intrigued. It was also revealed (hinted by Andy Serkis. Involvement?) that motion capture will be …

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Dec 22

Channing Tatum for Venom?! Sinister Six Characters and Actors Wanted by Sony!


Aug 05

50 Year-Old Batman?! Venom Carnage Movie!

Welcome film friends. Time to talk a little movies with you. There was this little rumor that showed up this morning, claiming there was inside information about Batman in Batman v Superman. The info claimed that the Batman we are getting is actually 50 years old, as opposed to 40. Now, some other sources are …

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Aug 04

Sony Plans Female Lead Spider-Man Spin Off and Venom Movie Release Date

One concern DC and the three Marvels have in their cinematic universes, is the fact that there needs to be more female leads in their superhero movies. Why? Because people like to complain.The Disney Marvel universe was hoping to get theirs out very soon, but now it looks like that could take longer to happen. …

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Jul 12

Amazing Spider-Man 3 Loses Roberto Orci as its Main Writer. Franchise has Questionable Future.


Sony just doesn’t quite have “it” like Disney does. After the mixed reviews of Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony find themselves backed into a corner simply because they had high hopes for Spidey 2. Hopes that would parlay the franchise into spin-offs further expanding the universe of people’s favorite web slinger, and even though it pulled …

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May 05

Marc Webb Talks Amazing Spider-Man 3 and Sinister Six Plans


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has finally hit the big-screen and even though there were tons of mixed reviews out there, Sony plans to move forward in expanding the Spidey universe. We got a handful of Easter Eggs in Spidey 2, and Marc Webb addressed some of the plans they have with Spider-Man 3 and 4, …

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