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Feb 12

Warner Bros. Knew Justice League Would Fail

I’m a bit late on this, but of course I still got to talk about it. Revenge of the Fans had a new report about a week ago that talked about how Warner Bros. knew Justice League was going to fail. I think  we all can agree that didn’t give 2 shits about this film …

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Jan 16

Warner Bros. is Sour on Ben Affleck’s Batman According to New Rumor

Warner Bros. sour on Ben Affleck? Something tells me it’s more of the other way around. New rumor suggests WB is ready for Affleck to depart as Batman and Jake Gyllenhaal will be our new Batman.

Jul 17

WB Adds Two More DCEU Movie Dates. Wonder Woman 2 and Shazam Announced at Comic Con?

Early today, it was revealed by the Hollywood Reporter that Wonder Woman 2 will be announced at WB’s panel at Comic Con this year, with hopefully the announcement that Patty Jenkins returns to direct. If that wasn’t enough, Warner Bros. revealed two new release dates for DCEU movies. February 14th, 2020, and June 5th, 2020. …

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Jun 20

Geoff Johns and Jon Berg Talk About Wonder Woman 2 and DCEU Mishaps

Geoff Johns and Jon Berg did some talking about the DCEU, and even the new CEO, Toby Emmerich, Talked about how Warner Bros. taking on the competition. The interview you can find over on Variety. They know what they did wrong, and they know what they’ve done right.

May 31

Warner Bros. May Be Suing Universal Over Dark Universe Name

Warner Bros. May Be Suing Universal Over Dark… by filmjunkee Looks like Warner Bros. isn’t too happy about Universal using the “Dark Universe” name for their cinematic universe. Justice League Dark was going running with the title Dark Universe, but once Universal released a video showing off their classic monsters, everyone just figured Warner would …

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Mar 29

Aquaman Concepts and Wonder Woman Footage on Display at CinemaCon

Aquaman Concepts and Wonder Woman Footage on… by filmjunkee Warner Bros. brought their A game to their presentation at CinemaCon this evening. It started off with Jason Momoa taking stage talking about the Aquaman movie and how he is literally heading to Australia tonight to begin shooting the crazy underwater movie. They showed pieces of …

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Feb 23

A Nightwing Movie Directed by Chris McKay Reportedly in the Works

Just as we were coming down from the buzz that is Matt Reeves directing the Batman movie. Warner Bros. apparently has a Nightwing movie lined up for LEGO Batman Movie director, Chris McKay. This is according to The Hollywood Reporter, so nothing officially confirmed at the moment. Source: THR

May 18

Geoff Johns ‘Kinda’ Comments on DC Films Job

We’ve been waiting to hear from the man himself on this news about the rearranging of who’s in charge of the DC Films. Geoff Johns spoke to Vulture, and they tried to get answers out of him, but he was somewhat reluctant to confirm the news. He did say, “you can connect the dots.” Subtle. Here’s …

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Apr 29

DCEU Director’s Conflict Update that is Both Good and Bad for Warner Bros.

DCEU Director's Conflict Update that is Both… by filmjunkee What is going on over there at Warner Bros.? A lot of info has surfaced about the directors of the DCEU projects that is both good and bad. Let’s start with the good. The solo Batman movie is a movie a lot of us are looking …

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Apr 12

Ben Affleck Confirmed to Direct His Batman Solo Movie!

Ben Affleck Confirmed to Direct His Batman Solo… by filmjunkee CinemaCon is happening, and Warner Bros. was there to give us some good news. CEO of Warner,  Kevin Tsujihara, confirmed during the panel that they are working with Ben Affleck on a solo Batman film. It then came out that yes, he will direct this Batman …

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