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Mar 12

The Batman Vs. Superman Batmobile has Shot its Scenes Already

I think Batman Vs. Superman is going to have the most top-secret shoot in cinema history. I’m sure Warner Bros. is going to have a secretive government like presence when on film locations that involve the real world. According to┬áCassandra Salapatas-Metz, Warner Bros. assistant director of transportation, the batmobile scenes are, “finished, but no one’s …

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Jan 25

Batman Vs. Superman Release Date May be Delayed, but Production May Still be on Schedule.


When word hit that Batman Vs. Superman was pushed back 10 months, many internet junkies, and Batfleck haters, came up with their own conclusions for the delay. “Affleck was hurt.” “The script blows!” It got sickening to read all that. Well if you actually read the official press release from Warner Bros., they strictly say …

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Jan 21

Josh Holloway Talks Aquaman Rumors for Batman Vs. Superman


With Batman Vs. Superman being delayed another year, this leaves Warner Bros. and the production more time to figure out what characters will be in the film, as well as who will play them. The rumor mill has been spinning like a fan, and the two actors mentioned for Aquaman were Jason Momoa and Josh …

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Jan 20

Full Press Release for the Batman Vs. Superman Delay Surfaces


We are all still weeping about the news about Batman Vs. Superman being delayed another year. But when the tears dry up, we realize that if they need more time to make the best superhero movie ever made, then so be it. There were rumors that it was due to Ben Affleck injuring himself in …

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Jan 17

Batman Vs. Superman Delayed Until 2016


Well here is a bit of news I am saddened by. Seems that Warner Bros. has made the difficult decision to delay Batman Vs. Superman until 2016. Are you weeping yet? I’ll give you a moment to scream, and dry those tears. Now that the initial sting of the news has ceased, this is actually …

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Jan 14

Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League Shooting Back to Back?


With all the casting rumors surrounding Batman Vs. Superman, many were thinking that the movie was just going to end up being the Justice League movie. With the addition of Wonder Woman, and rumors that other players of the league would make an appearance, us nerds were getting worried that too much was going on …

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Dec 06

Callan Mulvey Being Eyed for Villain Role in Batman Vs. Superman


The big news out the Batman Vs. Superman this week, was obviously the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I don’t think anyone pinned her as grabbing the coveted role, but underneath that news, there was casting news concerning a villain role in the anticipated superhero romp. Callan Mulvey, who recently starred in Zero …

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Nov 23

12 Possible Batman Vs. Superman Titles! Star Wars 7 Script Page Spotted in the Wild!


Happy Saturday film lovers. Finally decided to do a second Film Junkee video. I figured since I have this website, and there is a lot of movie news to cover, I might as well have two videos a week. Some Batman Vs. Superman news consists of Warner Bros. registering for domain names with possible titles …

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Nov 21

Godzilla 2014 Revealed on New Book Cover?


The Godzilla 2014 movie is being very secretive right now, from the teaser trailer leak being pulled down, to pulling down artwork from the movie, Warner Bros. is being rather stingy when it comes to their lizard. Today a book cover may have outed what Godzilla looks like in the new movie, and this cover …

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Nov 21

12 Potential Batman Vs. Superman Titles Surface After Warner Bros. Register Domain Names


Batman Vs. Superman is a title we can all agree with, but Warner Bros. has yet to confirm what the official title of the movie is. It still might be Batman Vs. Superman, but there is a chance that there will be some kind of subtitle attached to it. Today Warner Bros. tried to be …

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