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May 20

Kevin Smith Spills New Batsuit Colors! Gal Gadot Spotted on Set Again! – Junkee Quick Fix


Time for a little quick fix for you film nerds. Kevin Smith talks more about the batsuit on his podcast, telling us what exactly inspired the new batsuit. Gal Gadot spotted again on the Batman Vs. Superman set. And Hugh Jackman talks about something we all want to see. You enjoy the video my friends. …

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May 19

Hugh Jackman Talks About Wanting Wolverine to Join the Avengers


Imagine this: you’re watching Earth’s Mightiest Heroes take on whatever task they need to take on, and then out of the smoke comes a bruiting character with funky hair and a beard smoking a cigar. That character of course being Wolverine and he joins in the fight for Earth alongside the four major players of …

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