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Aug 29

Wonder Woman Deleted Scenes Set Up Motherboxes for Justice League

Wonder Woman is now available for Digital download, and some deleted scenes have hit the internet. We basically get a Justice League Epilogue as we get introduced to the Motherboxes and the crew that survived Wonder Woman (RIP Steve) are summoned to retrieve one. Check out the videos below.

Jul 25

Wonder Woman 2 Gets 2019 Release Date

WB/DC has some empty release dates in their slate, but one of them just got occupied. Wonder Woman 2 will be hitting theaters on December 13th, 2019. Yes, over 2 years from now, but at least we get more of her in Justice League. Patty Jenkins hasn’t officially signed on but according to these sources, …

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Jun 18

Wonder Woman Movie History Art Released

Wonder Woman Movie History Art Released by filmjunkee If you haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, I can’t tell you what is wrong with you. Go see it! And when you see it you will get a brief history lesson on where the Amazons come from in the form of beautiful art. Houston Sharp is the …

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Jun 02

Wonder Woman – Film Review

Wonder Woman is finally here! We get to see her in her very own movie brought to us by Patty Jenkins. Check out my review above. SPOILER ALERT: Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman.

May 24

Wonder Woman Will Not Have a Post-Credit Scene

Wonder Woman Will Not Have a Post-Credit Scene by filmjunkee I’m sure you already knew this but yes, Wonder Woman will not have a post-credit scene. Producer, Charles Roven, let i be known why. I’m not going to say we’d never do one. There was one in Suicide Squad. But I don’t think that we want …

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May 17

New Wonder Woman International Poster is the Best One

New Wonder Woman International Poster is the… by filmjunkee An international Wonder Woman poster has landed on the internet, and it is by far the best poster we have scene. I love the half colors that shows one side Themyscira with her family and half our world with Steve Trevor. Truly a sight.

May 11

Wonder Woman is Tracking to Make $105 Million Opening Weekend…Or $65 Million

Wonder Woman is Tracking to Make $105 Million… by filmjunkee Wonder Woman is tracking to have a great weekend at the box office with $105 million…or not. Conflict sites have it between $65 million to $105 Million. The Wrap has it just like that as they updated their original post that stated $105. I have …

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May 10

Wonder Woman Soundtrack Track List Released

Wonder Woman Soundtrack Track List Released by filmjunkee The official track list for Wonder Woman has been released, and you can pre-order the soundtrack by clicking THIS LINK Wonder Woman: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Order me one while you’re at it.

May 07

Wonder Woman Runtime Revealed

Wonder Woman Runtime Revealed by filmjunkee Who’s ready to watch the goddess that is Wonder Woman for 141 minutes? I hope you are, as it’s reveled that the Wonder Woman movie will be 2 hours and 21 minutes. This comes from the Consumer Protection BC. Bring it.

May 02

New Wonder Woman Magazine Covers are Beautiful and should be Posters

New Wonder Woman are Beautiful and Should be… by filmjunkee New Wonder Woman magazine covers from CineTeaser and CinePremiere have surfaced, and they are absolutely gorgeous. They should be made into poster, but at least you can get the textless versions down below.