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Jan 19

Justice League Blu-ray Features Rundown

I’m a day late on this but whatever, want to fight about it? The Justice League Blu-ray will be in stores on March 13th, but the list of features were revealed. Now don’t start popping boners about the deleted scenes just yet, as I believe we’re only getting added Superman scenes that include him getting …

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Jan 02

New Justice League Concept Art and BTS Images Show Us What Could’ve Been

New Justice League concept art and behind the scenes shots have surfaced and it shows us more of what could’ve been. Batman handling some Parademon weaponry? Come on!!!

Nov 03

A Ton of New Justice League Images Surface to Nerd Out About

A ton of Justice League images have surfaced so grab the lotion and remove the pants. What is wrong with me? Some are stills from the movie and others are behind the scenes. Have fun.

Oct 18

New Justice League Poster and Footage Showing Some Changes

A new Justice League poster has been released showing us our heroes ready for action. Not everyone is a fan of this poster though. It’s fine. But then we have new footage shown that has tweaked the background of some of these shots we already have seen. We are now seeing the progression of these …

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Oct 02

New Justice League Movie Stills and Behind the Scenes Featurette

Looks like Empire Magazine will be releasing that Justice League issue really soon as scans from the magazine have surfaced. There’s also a Behind the scenes featurette floating around so I’ll update this post accordingly. Awesome![https://t.co/jyDqhpQkOf] pic.twitter.com/DHpViNL3sI — Seán (@ReelFada) October 2, 2017

Sep 02

New Justice League Image with Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash. WHAT ARE THEY LOOKING AT?!

The past couple days have been pretty exciting in the Justice League as individual posters from that Alex Ross inspired poster have been released. We also got a new image of Batman, Flash , and Wonder Woman, again looking up at something. What are they looking at? Parademons. Parademon nest. Superman? Time will tell.

Aug 29

Wonder Woman Deleted Scenes Set Up Motherboxes for Justice League

Wonder Woman is now available for Digital download, and some deleted scenes have hit the internet. We basically get a Justice League Epilogue as we get introduced to the Motherboxes and the crew that survived Wonder Woman (RIP Steve) are summoned to retrieve one. Check out the videos below.

Aug 16

Ben Affleck Discusses the More ‘Traditional’ Batman in Justice League

Ben Affleck did a little talking to Entertainment Weekly about how Batman has changed from Batman v Superman to Justice League. Do I get credit for the Suicide Squad gross? He’s put in this position of having to reach out, find other people, convincing them to do something. Part of the drama of the movie is the question of …

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Aug 14

This Justice League International Poster is Fantastic

A new Justice League has been spotted in Japan that features the identities of heroes hovering above them their costumes. Needs to be released over here.

Aug 10

New Justice League Concept Art Shows How Huge the Flying Fox Is

Entertainment Weekly just dropped a beautiful piece of concept art from Justice League that gives a good look at the Flying Fox. The thing is huge, and is most likely the “Watchtower” of the DCEU.