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Aug 08

New Superman Justice League Calendar Image and Mera Image Surfaces

Make your calendars…or get the Justice League calendar that will be coming out soon. New image of Superman can be found in there along with the team. There was also a Mera image that showed up on her Barbie box. We love new images.

Aug 01

Ton of Justice League Movie Merchandise Hits the Web

Today felt a little like Christmas as a ton of Justice League Merchandise hit the web. Shirts, coffee mugs, toys, there’s so much to look at but it’s then art of it all that gets us excited.

Jul 25

Wonder Woman 2 Gets 2019 Release Date

WB/DC has some empty release dates in their slate, but one of them just got occupied. Wonder Woman 2 will be hitting theaters on December 13th, 2019. Yes, over 2 years from now, but at least we get more of her in Justice League. Patty Jenkins hasn’t officially signed on but according to these sources, …

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Jul 22

New Justice League Trailer from Comic Con is Here!

Make way for justice. Watch the SDCC Hall H Sneak Peek for #JusticeLeague now. In theaters November 17. #WBSDCC pic.twitter.com/bMPkO4Pw5s — Justice League Movie (@justiceleaguewb) July 22, 2017 The new Justice League trailer has arrived! It doesn’t disappoint. The showed it at Comic Con and then of course uploaded it to the world. Get hyped!

Jul 22

New Justice League Poster is a Thing of Beauty

Happy Comic Con Day everybody. The morning got off to a nice start as a new Justice League poster and banner have been released by the official Twitter. I get an Alex Ross vibe from it for some reason. Bring on more!

Jul 20

Another Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash Justice League Image this Time in S.T.A.R. Labs?

Comic Con brings out the goodies, and this morning we have a new image of Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash from Justice League. Looks like they’re in Star Labs. Excite!

Jul 19

Justice League Costumes, Statues, Motherboxes, and the Batmobile on Display at Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con 2017 has kicked into gear, and Warner Bros./DC have their displays ready to go. The Justice League costumes, statues, toys, Motherboxes, plenty of things to nerd out about.

Jul 13

New Beautiful Justice League Image Featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash Released

Entertainment Weekly decided they needed to show us some Justice league love by releasing a brand-new image featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash. Looks like a different angle from an image we’ve gotten before. Bat cod piece.

Jun 30

Justice League Movie LEGO Sets Show Atlantis and the Flying Fox

Justice League Movie LEGO Sets Show Atlantis… by filmjunkee Justice League Movie LEGO sets have been revealed in hi-res images. One of the sets leaked out a little while ago, and LEGO started hitting websites up to take the images down. We shall see how long these images stay up.

Jun 18

Wonder Woman Movie History Art Released

Wonder Woman Movie History Art Released by filmjunkee If you haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, I can’t tell you what is wrong with you. Go see it! And when you see it you will get a brief history lesson on where the Amazons come from in the form of beautiful art. Houston Sharp is the …

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