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Mar 18

Justice League Trailer Coming to WonderCon?

Justice League Trailer Coming to WonderCon? by filmjunkee When are we getting that damn Justice League Trailer? Well, we have CinemanCon coming up with a rumor that Ben Affleck might attend bringing some awesomeness. But shortly after that we have WonderCon. And According toe the Comic-Con website, Warner Bros. will be there showing off footage …

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Mar 21

Batman v Superman Trailer to Premiere at WonderCon?!

Apr 19

Muto Monster Spotted in New Godzilla Footage!

People of WonderCon: I hate you! Okay, that is just the cold-hearted jealousy that is running through my body, but man did they get a treat today. Seems that some brand new footage was shown off at WonderCon of Godzilla, and judging by the tweets I can tell it was footage that caused audience members …

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