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May 28

Baywatch – Film Review

Baywatch is the beloved series from the 90’s, and now Dwayne Johnson brings us a new, crude version of the lifeguards. Check out what I thought about it above.

Aug 28

We Are Your Friends – Film Review

We Are Your Friends is the title of this movie, but if you watch my review below, you will hear me refer to is was We Are Friends. Maybe I meant you guys, because we are friends, right? Zac Efron is an aspiring DJ who gets brought un the wing of Wes Bentley in a …

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May 11

Did Neighbors Catch a Spider? – Box Office


Happy Mother’s Day to you mothers out there. This Hallmark Holiday is for you. And maybe you took your mom to a movie this weekend. Neighbors? Might be a bad choice to watch with Mom. Spider-Man 2? Also not a good choice, but those two movies duked it out this weekend the Spider was brought …

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May 07

Can Neighbors Bring Down Spidey? – Weekend Wariors


Wednesday is the time where we decide what to see this weekend. Amazing Spider-Man 2 saw a pretty great opening weekend, but with all the mixed reviews out there, can it hold out for another box office win? My gut tells me it will see a pretty significant drop this weekend, and maybe Neighbors will …

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Jan 31

That Awkward Moment – Film Review


That Awkward Moment…of course stars Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, and Miles Teller, and it tells the story of three best friends who decide to form a pact to stay single when Jordan’s character gets divorced. They then embark on a journey of casual sex…and that is about it. But of course, while on this …

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Oct 15

Watch the Red Band Trailer to That Awkward Moment Starring Zac Efron


When I see the name Zac Efron I immediately assume I do not want to see the movie. He has done his fair share of romantic, cheeseball movies, but lately, he has tried to step out of that leading romantic role. A new movie called That Awkward Moment, just got a red band trailer, and …

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