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Mar 05

Zack Snyder Posts Upgraded Batmobile Image for Justice League

Zack Snyder Posts Upgraded Batmobile Image for… by filmjunkee Zack Snyder can’t help but drop some awesome on his VERO account. Today, he showed us what the Batmobile will be packing in Justice League. He captioned the image, “Upgrades…what are you worried about Wayne.” Obviously Wayne is worried about Parademons, and is preparing himself. Log …

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Oct 13

Batmobile Evolution Infographic Shows Us Batman’s Ride throughout the Years

Batmobile Evolution Infographic Shows Us Batman… by filmjunkee The Batmobile. How many versions have we seen throughout Batman’s career? From a red convertible, to Batfleck’s Kryptonian Killer, the Batmobile has seen numerous iterations. What’s the worst version? Washing machine, disco lights version in Batman and Robin I think. Best one is still Burton’s version I …

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Jul 11

Zack Snyder Rolls Up to Comic Con in the Batmobile!

Who wants a t-shirt? @ZackSnyder stops by the #HallH line in the batmobile. #BatmanvSuperman #SDCC pic.twitter.com/CQAlXhBLBY — Batman v Superman (@BatmanvSuperman) July 11, 2015 This just happened!!! #Batmobile drove by at #SDCC2015 w/ @ZackSnyder! He threw t-shirts & talked! @BatmanvSuperman pic.twitter.com/Y1HfiQnirN — John Steven Rocha (@TheRochaSays) July 11, 2015 The @HallHLine getting up close and …

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Sep 17

New Batmobile Images from Batman v Superman Show the Sexy!

Ready for more Bat boners? The new Batmobile from Batman v Superman is shaping up to be my favorite of all the Batmobile, because these new images are truly fantastic. The design team did a hell of a job designing Batman’s ride, and if you guys want ton see it action, click here for three …

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Sep 10

Official Batmobile Photo Revealed by Zack Snyder!


There it is guys. The official photo of the new Batmobile from Batman v Superman. Zack Snyder just dropped that image on his Twitter letting us know what it really looks like. It’s a beast. So beautiful. Looks crazier than the other images we saw yesterday. Let me know your thoughts on the image guys. …

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May 15

Another Image of the New Batmobile from Batman vs. Superman Surfaces!


It has been a pretty fun week my film friends. Zack Snyder giving us a couple of huge treats at the beginning of the week, and I was really hoping he would continue with more teasing for the rest of the week. It’s okay that he didn’t, because some else on his crew decided to …

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May 13

New Batsuit in Color! Jason Momoa for Lobo?! – Junkee Quick Fix


It certainly has been an exciting day in the movie world. The Ben Affleck batsuit as finally been unveiled to the world, and everyone went bonkers. But that wasn’t it gang. There was also a Batmobile prototype that hit the web earlier. Can barely contain myself with also this nerd stuff. I’m thinking a Wonder …

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May 13

New Batmobile Prototype Photo from Batman Vs. Superman Seems Legit!


It has been a been a big day gang. I don’t think anyone really saw it coming. Some of us may have speculated, but we all HOPED that after Snyder teased the new Batmobile yesterday, that he would give us some batsuit pleasure. Boy did he come through by releasing Ben Affleck in the batsuit …

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May 13

New Batsuit and New Batmobile from Batman Vs. Superman Revealed by Zack Snyder!

Look at that! It’s…so…BEAUTIFUL! There he is guys. There he is. It isn’t a totally clear image, but there is a glimpse of the batsuit. The ears are small like we heard about, but can’t tell if the white eyes are there. The new Batmobile has been revealed as promised by Mr. Zack Snyder himself. …

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May 12

Is this the Back of the New Batmobile from Batman Vs. Superman?! Yes it Is!

Zack Snyder decided to drop us a little tease today my friends. The very image above showed up today On Snyder’s Twitter stating that he is thinking about taking the tarp of this tomorrow. No doubt in my mind that this is the new batmobile from Batman Vs. Superman, and anyone who is anticipating just …

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