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Feb 17

Was Zack Snyder’s Justice League Really ‘Unwatchable’?

Ever since the Darkseid Justice League storyboard made it’s way into the internet world, I’ve notice higher up movie people bringing back the Snyder Cut was “unwatchable” claim again. Back in December many heard that, that was the case so then WB started their contingency plan of changing it up. That’s not what I heard. …

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Feb 15

Darkseid Justice League Storyboard Breakdown

Past couple days everyone in our little nerd world has been staring at that Justice League storyboard featuring Darkseid. I close my eyes and imagine the scene and when I open my eyes my pants are around my ankles. I decided to breakdown the storyboard from things I’ve seen people spot and my own opinions …

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Feb 13

Darkseid CONFIRMED Appearance in Justice League from Leaked Storyboard

Well look at that. Something…beautiful. A new Justice League storyboard has hit the interwebs that confirms an appearance by the League’s ultimate baddie, Darkseid. A post showed up this morning on the For Snyder Cut website, and the context of the scene is something we all want to see. According to the post, Cyborg jacks …

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Feb 12

Warner Bros. Knew Justice League Would Fail

I’m a bit late on this, but of course I still got to talk about it. Revenge of the Fans had a new report about a week ago that talked about how Warner Bros. knew Justice League was going to fail. I think ¬†we all can agree that didn’t give 2 shits about this film …

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Feb 12

Zack Snyder was Fired from Justice League. Thoughts…

More and more just keeps coming out. Of course, this information was kind of known already. A new tweet by JLDickey mentions how Zack Snyder was fired from Justice League just over a year ago. Now, his timeframe may be a little off, because from what I have gathered, it happened somewhere in May of …

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Feb 03

Zack Snyder Hitting the Like Button on Justice League Snyder Cut Posts

Zack Snyder is having some fun with the LIKE buttons on Vero as he has liked a couple posts about breaking down the timeline behind the scenes of Justice League. Was nice to see that he liked my post editing my video about the timeline. I didn’t scream out, I swear. Now if he would …

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Jan 29

Zack Snyder Justice League Cut Post-Production Timeline

The Snyder Cut doesn’t exist! It would cost $70 million to complete! Snyder-tards are toxic fandom! In the words of our eccentric president…FAKE NEWS! It exists. It definitely exists, but somewhere in the deep forests of America, Big Foot is walking around with a copy of it. That’s not what we’re really talking about here. …

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Jan 19

Justice League Blu-ray Features Rundown

I’m a day late on this but whatever, want to fight about it? The Justice League Blu-ray will be in stores on March 13th, but the list of features were revealed. Now don’t start popping boners about the deleted scenes just yet, as I believe we’re only getting added Superman scenes that include him getting …

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Nov 03

A Ton of New Justice League Images Surface to Nerd Out About

A ton of Justice League images have surfaced so grab the lotion and remove the pants. What is wrong with me? Some are stills from the movie and others are behind the scenes. Have fun.

Aug 29

Joss Whedon Will Get a Writing Credit for Justice League

Looks like Joss Whedon will be getting some credit for Justice League, but it will be for writing not directing. It makes sense, and he deserves something for coming in to finish the movie. the DGA wouldn’t give him a directing red given he’s only handling probably only 10-15% of the film. Writing is good.