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Nov 11

Kevin Smith has Seen the Batsuit from Batman Vs. Superman! Hear What he had to Say About It.


We were all pretty disappointed when Zack Snyder didn’t talk more about Batman Vs. Superman on the live Yahoo event last Saturday. Kevin Smith did his best to try to get the director to talk about the flick, or even give us a clue on what the batsuit will look like. Well it turns out …

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Nov 09

Check Out the Batman Vs. Superman Artwork from the Ask Man Of Steel Event


The Ask Man Of Steel event just came to a close, and sadly, they did not use Casual Batman’s video question. Probably because Zack Snyder really could not talk much about the new movie, and the times he did, he was very vague and even said he would get in trouble if he said more …

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Nov 08

Batman Vs. Superman Might See Adam Driver Playing the Dick Grayson Role

The Batman Vs. Superman rumors have been staggering lately, with all the ladies supposedly testing for a Wonder Woman part, and then hearing that other Justice league players might be showing up in the new movie. Yesterday, I reported that Nightwing might be showing us his skills in the movie, and that Warner Bros. was …

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Nov 08

Batman Vs. Superman Leaked Costume Artwork Concepts?


Tomorrow at 9:00 AM PST, Kevin Smith will host the live Man Of Steel Fan event on Yahoo where fans get to ask questions to Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill, and Amy Adams regarding the Man Of Steel. Now you know that Kevin Smith is a die hard Batman fan, so you can gather that he …

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Nov 03

Kevin Smith to Host Man Of Steel Live Event with Director and Cast for Yahoo.


Man Of Steel will be available on Blu-ray come November 12th, and just a couple days before that, Kevin Smith will be talking to Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill, and Amy Adams at live fan event for Yahoo. November 9th is when this event will take place, and even though they will be doing a lot …

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Nov 01

Batman Vs. Superman Secretly Shooting Scenes from the Kent Farm?


Residents of Yorksville, IL reported seeing a strange light in their skies, right over where they shot the Kent farm scenes in Man Of Steel. Residents then speculated that it had to do with Batman Vs. Superman, but the town claims they were never contacted by Warner Bros. or Zack Snyder’s crew. Commander Phil Smith of the …

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Oct 30

Some Batsuit and Batmobile Details Surface from Batman Vs. Superman

All of us Batman geeks are just dying to know what the batsuit is going to look like in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie. Obviously since Zack Snyder and his crew changed up the Superman costume pretty drastically from the normal outfit, the batsuit will most likely see a bit of a change as …

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Oct 25

Ben Affleck Talks a Little Batman Vs. Superman


Ben Affleck has not really talked a whole lot about his casting as the Caped Crusader in Batman Vs. Superman, but it seems he briefly talked about the role when chatting with Al Norton and 411Mania.com. Here is what was mentioned: Al Norton: Do you remember your first thought when the idea of you playing Batman …

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Oct 20

Check Out 4 Minutes of Behind the Scenes Footage from Batman Vs. Superman Shoot in Los Angeles


Even though I did not attend the shoot like a should have, videos have started to surface from this weekend’s shoot for Batman Vs. Superman. GO GOTHAM! The video gives us a good look at the Metropolis vs. Gotham City college football game, showing off key parts to Saturday’s shoot.The extras make their way to …

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Oct 15

Watch the 75th Anniversary of Superman Animated Short by Zack Snyder!


Superman has been in our lives for 75 years now. His image has been altered throughout those years, yet we always new it was him swooping in to save the day. Zack Snyder released his 75th anniversary Superman animated short over the weekend at NYCC, and now you can take a look at it. It …

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