Oct 09

This Day in 1976, the Public was Introduced to Star Wars. Watch the Teaser Trailer!

Back in 1976, in a Galaxy not so far, far away, a teaser trailer for a film called Star Wars made its debut to the public. It was a new brand of Sci-fi adventure, that was brought to life by a young writer/director named George Lucas. This film would introduce us to characters and a mythology that would expand our nerd minds and nerd boners for years to come.

Yes, that teaser trailer debuted in 1976, and you can take a gander at it down below, for a dose of yummy nostalgia. I wonder what it was like when people first saw the trailer back then. No internet. No social media. Just a trailer that debuted in front of another movie, then broadcast on that thing called a television. Check out it below, and let me know how much of a Star Wars nut you are.

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