Nov 08

Thor: The Dark World – Film Review


Thor: The Dark World brings us back to Asgard, and to see what our hammer swinging Avenger is up to. The movie sets two years after the first movie, and Thor has been busy cleaning up Loki’s mess he caused in The Avengers. Wars have started in other realms, and Thor and his army have been battling to bring balance to those realms. Then these dark elves come out of hiding to seek the power to bring the universe back to darkness while the realms all come to align. Thor to the rescue, with a little help from Loki.

I really enjoyed Thor 2, more than the first actually. The humor level in the movie was quite surprising, and I am starting to believe that Marvel’s plan for the Phase 2 movies had “more humor” on the list, since Iron Man 3 was pretty hysterical. What people most complained about in the first movie, was the fact that Thor was not really Thor, since he was banished and sent to Earth with none of his powers. In this movie you get Thor as Thor is, which is full of ass kickery.

Chris Hemsworth knocks it out of the park as him once again, which is obvious since he, under Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, is perfect superhero casting. Tom Hiddleston of course rocks it as his beloved Loki character, and even though he is not really considered the villain in this movie, you are still watching him to see if he is scheming something. The back and forth banter between Thor and Loki is fantastic, and there is a rousing scene where Loki is annoying Thor with his shape-shifting powers. We get more from the other characters as well which is a nice improvement in this movie. Anthony Hopkins, Rene Russo, and Idris Elba, get to kick a little more ass in the sequel, and those scenes were pretty great.

The biggest gripe about the movie had to be Kat Dennings. The humor level was already well off, but they insisted on trying to make her character the number one comedy relief, which was kind of overkill. Her delivery just gets annoying after while, but it was not enough to ruin the whole movie. The dark elf villain was not that strong either, and like I said before, you are more concentrating on what Loki is doing then the actual villain. Again, not enough to ruin the movie.

Special effects were great. Story flowed nicely. I highly recommend checking it out. If you were a fan of the first one, as well as The Avengers, then you should enjoy this movie as well. If you saw, let me know what you thought about it.


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