Film Review – X-Men: Days of Future Past


It is finally here. X-Men: Days of Future Past is in our lives, and it sees the return of a lot of the characters we love, and the director that started it all, Bryan Singer. In this story, we arrive in a terrible future that is somewhat post-apocalyptic, and mutants are fighting to survive as sentinels roam the earth hunting them down. The idea that someone should go back in time to stop a certain event that leads to these mutant killing sentinels arises, and Wolverine is the man for the job. Yes, some have griped that he is always the centralized character in every X-Men film, but it’s Wolverine man. He travels back to 1973 to bring the young Professor X and Magneto back together, along with some other crafty mutants to succeed in this mission.

This movie is pretty fantastic my friends, and I am sure that is no shock from you given the critical buzz for this movie. The story just hooks you from the very beginning and does not ever let you go. Just excellent writing going in in this sequel, and having the older and younger versions of the main characters in one movie just works so well, and it leads to some memorable lines and scenes. I love how Wolverine has to interact with older Professor X and Magento, and the younger versions. We see a more tame side of the bezerk that is Wolverine, but don’t think we don’t see some of the Wolvey rage in the flick.

Jennifer Lawrence, oh Jennifer Lawrence, just knocks it out of the park as Mystique. She kicks some serious ass, but who steals the show in his quick appearance in the movie; Quicksilver. The whole time he is on screen is pure hilarity, and the Pentagon scene is one for the books.

When watching the movie, I kind of thought, “wow, not as much crazy action as I thought there would be.” But I was so engaged in the story that it really wasn’t a problem for me. Singer really just comes back with a bang here folks, and he almost makes you forget about that Brett Ratner X-Men 3 movie.

Check out my video review below that has me yammering on as usual. Let me know what you think about the new movie, and let’s talk about where this franchise is headed.

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