Sep 14

The Drop – Film Review


The Drop sees the last film starring the late, great James Gandolfini, who also has future acting legends, Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace to bring the story along. The Drop centers around a drop bar, where criminals drop their money, and Hardy and Gandalfini take care of the rest. One night, the bar gets robbed, and given that the money the robbers took is from someone you don’t want to steal from, shit starts going down.

I really enjoyed The Drop just from the acting performances alone. James Gandalfini was truly one of the greats, and shows in this movie. The way he plays his characters is somewhat lovable, but you know he has something going on behind his eyes. Tom Hardy is easily one of my favorite actors at the moment, and he knocks it out again in this flick. He just becomes these interesting characters, and his character almost seems like he has a disorder by the way he talks to people. Almost like a scared puppy, but doesn’t let anything phase him. But don’t think you can push him into a corner, because that puppy will become a rabid dog when it is needed. Noomi Rapace does well in the movie too, and she and Hardy have great chemistry together.

My only gripe about the movie is that it moves pretty slow in the opening act. It takes a little bit for the story to get moving, but once it does, you get engaged into the this story. I definitely recommend this movie to watch, but don’t expect excitement the whole time. The story might seem to get a little convoluted as well, but it still wraps up rather nicely.

Let me know if you saw The Drop and what you thought about it. Check out my video review below to hear me yammer on about it.

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