FULL Batman v Superman Plot Leaked?!

FULL Batman v Superman Plot Leaked?! by filmjunkee

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  1. I’m horrible at keeping myself away from potential spoilers such as this, but for these movies I always get so excited that it never diminishes my enjoyment of the end product if it turns out to be true. If this indeed is the plot of the movie, then I am ecstatic that it is as well put together as this poster makes it out to be. The little pieces here and there fit, from the set filming of the football game, the supposed Khandaq sequence, Diana & Bruce dancing in the EW photo, why Scoot McNairy’s lower legs are wrapped in green screen on set, and the casting confirmations for BvS even though there are more roles cast but not present.

    Many thanks for culling it here. I caught the video on the YouTube channel and wanted the whole deal. We’ll see how much information comes out of SDCC this weekend.

    • I like these spoilers a lot..and I can’t wait for the visuals to bring what I’m reading to life in the movies.. I do have to say for the villain in Metropolis part they could go either way with Doomsday or OMAC. These spoilers say its Doomsday as the baddie but someone on the set said Superman’s killer won’t be making an appearance in the flick. I’m also glad that I don’t truly know ho the villain is.. so well see.
      Supes VS. BATS YEAHHHHHHH!!!!

  2. After watching the second trailer, this does seem pretty fuckin legit.
    I’ve never been so hyped for a movie!

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