Black Panther Adds Michael B. Jordan to Cast and Marvel Feels the Guilt

Black Panther Adds Michael B. Jordan to Cast… by filmjunkee

Michael B. Jordan has been added to the cast of Black Panther but his role has not been verified. Speculation suggests a villain role which I think would be great to see. I guess after Simon Kinberg mentioned that he thinks a Fantastic Four sequel is still in the cards. marvel Studios said nope. Jordan is ours.

As for the guilt, it’s that white guilt that Marvel Studios is trying wash away. Not whitewash away. With the backlash received about Tilda Swinton cast as The Ancient One, Kevin Feige made it a point that Black Panther will have 90% of African and African American cast. I couldn’t care less because I’m not an SJW, but he needed to make the point because of the PC society we are currently living in. I think we all knew that most of the cast would be black, but whitey needs to feel guilty and specify to further him away from backlash.

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