May 27

Daniel Craig Unlikely to Return as James Bond. Tom Hiddleston and Jamie Bell Being Looked At.

Daniel Craig Unlikely to Return as James Bond… by filmjunkee

Daniel Craig was pretty blunt when promoting Spectre that he wasn’t interested in coming back as James Bond. According to sources, there have been no negotiations for him to return as 007.

There have been no negotiations on where the Bond movie will land (Sony or Warner Bros. are out front on this) and although it was thought that negotiations might start after the first quarter 2016, parties are not likely to engage in negotiations until later this year. There is no workable script yet and the creative elements have yet to come into place. It has also been widely reported (and confirmed by Deadline) that Jamie Bell has discussed the Bond role with his Film Stars Don’t Die movie producer Barbara Broccoli (who has long produced the Bond movies). Craig has been very vocal about not wanting to do another Bond. After Spectre, he said publicly that he would rather slash his wrists than do another in the franchise.

With that kind of TV schedule for Craig, it seems improbable that he would suit up anytime soon for Bond, but nothing has been determined and like Ian Fleming has said never say never again.

Sad day, but he had his time and if he moves on, so be it. New rumors have surfaced that Tom Hiddleston (Loki) is on the top of the list of taking over as Bond, and Jamie Bell (The Thing FF) is also being looked at. Idris Elba has been thrown out there many times, but given the two actors ages that are rumored, it looks like they are looking younger than Elba.

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