Listen to ‘Harley & Joker’ from Suicide Squad Soundtrack and Score Song List

Listen to 'Harley & Joker' from Suicide Squad… by filmjunkee

The complete song list for the Suicide Squad score has been revealed. There is one particular song called “Harley & Joker” that you can listen to right now. The song has a very Tim Burton feel to it, and I can’t wait to hear it in the movie.

1. Task Force X
2. Arkham Asylum
3. I’m Going To Figure This Out
4. You Make My Teeth Hurt
5. I Want To Assemble A Task Force
6. Brother Our Time Has Come
7. A Serial Killer Who Takes Credit Cards
8. A Killer App
9. That’s How I Cut and Run
10. We Got A Job To Do
11. You Die We Die
12. Harley And Joker
13. This Bird Is Baked
14. Hey Craziness
15. You Need A Miracle
16. Diablo’s Story
17. The Squad
18. Are We Friends Or Are We Foes?
19. She’s Behind You
20. One Bullet Is All I Need
21. I Thought I’d Killed You
22. The Worst Of The Worst

23. June Moore
24. Did That Trickle
25. You Know The Rules Hotness
26. Enchantress In The War Room
27. Introducing Diablo and Croc
28. Tast Force X Activated
29. Can Everyone See This Trippy Stuff
30. I Promised My Friends

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