Aug 17

These Henry Cavill Superman Set Images Are Not from the Justice League Set

These Henry Cavill Superman Set Images Are Not… by filmjunkee

The images below have been circulating around the internet today claiming that Henry Cavill is sporting his traditional suit with the Superman curl on the Justice League set. Now I can understand at first thinking this is the the case. Justice League is currently filming right now and the pictures were posted today. But a little bit of investigating goes a long way, you movie sites that claim it is from the JL set.

First off: the Superman curl made an appearance in Batman v Superman when fighting Batman in the rain, which is where these images are from. Second: Cavill just teased that silver and black suit the other day, and why would Warner Bros. allow a reveal of Superman given his return will be an epic scene in JL? The images are from the wife of a stuntman who worked on Batman v Superman. There’s another image of the husband rocking the Superman soldier gear and their kids look the same. The pictures were taken 1 1/2 or 2 years ago, because the kids look older now if you look at some of the other pictures on her Instagram.

There we go. Not from Justice League. But she did put that hashtag so yes, it must be from JL.

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  1. Good investigating!

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