First Look at Cast of Jumanji and Outrage Ensues

First Look at Cast of Jumanji and Outrage Ensues by filmjunkee

We have our first look at the cast of the Jumanji sequel. Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black look rather cheesy in this image, and the first thing I thought when this image made the rounds was, “Oh boy…the special snowflakes are going to bitch about this one.”

And surely they did by saying this image is sexist because Gillan is wearing a skirt and a kind of tank top. Here’s my advice to those that are complaining: WHO CARES. She’s not being objectified. All their costumes look pretty ridiculous. The Rock will have a sweaty shirtless scene, most likely. And, well, there are bigger problems out there than a skirt on an actress.Like Brand and Angelina breaking up.


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