Nov 10

X-Men Franchise SOFT REBOOT? Deadpool 3 and X-Force Planned!

X-Men Franchise SOFT REBOOT? Deadpool 3 and X… by filmjunkee

X-Men Apocalypse wasn’t quite the hit Fox was hoping for. The movie underperformed and now things are shaking up over in the Fox X-men Universe. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox if thinking about soft rebooting the X-Men franchise due to the underperforming X-Men Apocalypse. Kind of funny given Bryan Singer came back and already hit the soft reboot button with Days of Future Past. Sadly this would mean Singer won’t return to the franchise.

Deadpool 3 is already been considered with X-Force characters joining which would then lead to an X-Force movie. The poor little Gambit movie is apparently in active development again which they hope to land a director.

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