Mar 29

Aquaman Concepts and Wonder Woman Footage on Display at CinemaCon

Aquaman Concepts and Wonder Woman Footage on… by filmjunkee

Warner Bros. brought their A game to their presentation at CinemaCon this evening. It started off with Jason Momoa taking stage talking about the Aquaman movie and how he is literally heading to Australia tonight to begin shooting the crazy underwater movie. They showed pieces of concept art that included a lot of sea monsters, sharks, Black Manta, and Orm. Black Manta and Orm’s costumes are pulled straight from the books people claimed, and then they showed a behind the scenes video narrated by director, James Wann. Want claimed that a movie like this wouldn’t have been able to be possible 5 years ago.

Next came some new Wonder Woman footage, that featured Diana and Steve in some tender moments. The Chemistry was on full display, and then they saw an extended clip of the alleyway scene, where Diana stops a bullet with her bracelets. There were then clips of her kicking ass which is what we cannot wait to see.

Then they showed an extended Justice League trailer which I describe in the video below.

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