Jan 18

Ben Affleck’s Batman Stuntman Clears Up Justice League Snyder Cut Comments

Warner Bros. seems to have dispatched their hitmen as Ben Affleck’s Batman stuntman,┬áRichard Cetrone, has been doing some talking. Somebody hit him up not too long ago asking about the Justice League Snyder Cut. He confirmed that one does in fact exist, and gave some hopeful words that people need to keep discussing it so WB will be persuaded in releasing the infamous version. Now he’s back pedaling.

Batman on Film dude hit him up a couple days ago asking if it was all true.┬áCetrone revealed that that screenshot of him confirming the cut exists wasn’t him. Something tells me he got a Scream-like phone call possibly from Tsuihara himself telling him to shut his trap or maybe the next wire work he does goes extremely bad. Who knows.

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