Feb 12

Zack Snyder was Fired from Justice League. Thoughts…

More and more just keeps coming out. Of course, this information was kind of known already. A new tweet by JLDickey mentions how Zack Snyder was fired from Justice League just over a year ago. Now, his timeframe may be a little off, because from what I have gathered, it happened somewhere in May of 2017. But yes, the information that has been gathered by people and myself, Snyder didn’t just walk away due to the tragedy with his daughter. Warner Bros. forced him out (essentially firing him) and they used the tragedy as a cover for it. Truly gross.

More things will be coming out, believe me, and it’s not even just fans wanting to see his version of Justice League. We just want to learn the truth about a filmmaker being essentially ┬ábullied by a studio and made to look like a joke.

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