Feb 13

Darkseid CONFIRMED Appearance in Justice League from Leaked Storyboard

Well look at that. Something…beautiful. A new Justice League storyboard has hit the interwebs that confirms an appearance by the League’s ultimate baddie, Darkseid. A post showed up this morning on the For Snyder Cut website, and the context of the scene is something we all want to see.

According to the post, Cyborg jacks into the Genesis Chamber of the Kryptonian Scout Ship and gets a vision of Darkseid on his throne. We then get a glimpse of the HALL OF JUSTICE LEAGUE SIGN! In rubble! Then I guess it pans passed it to show Darkseid’s Omega symbol in the ground similar to Batman’s nightmare. Mother of God…

If you have doubts that this is fake just compare it to the storyboards posted by Snyder himself or the one with Deathstroke and Luther that we literally see him drawing in an image. Exact same style. Boxes, the way he draws their heads, the arrows, it’s his! More please!


  1. This is something I absolutely wish was in the final cut of the film! That’s awesome! I really liked Justice League, but one complaint that I had was the lack of exploration of the New Gods mythology and that all Darkseid got was a name drop. I wish they had at least given us a tease like this to set him up to appear in a future movie.

    • critical thinker on February 13, 2018 at 11:19 am
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    This is heartbreaking

    • jai on February 14, 2018 at 5:22 pm
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    watch justice league again at the final fight when cyborg connects with the mother box cyborg says this is not real which i think is when he sees the nightmare scene and darkseid for the first time. thats also when stephen wolf grabs cyborg and says to him “YOU SEE” meaning stephen wolf knows cyborg has seen the reality of earth in the nightmare sequence. – this confirms zack snyder cut is real and this movie has been dumbed down for no reason.

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