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Dec 05

Is Captain America in Peter Parker’s Apartment in Captain America Civil War Movie Stills

Playing cat up guys, and these new Captain America Civil War images from Entertainment Weekly hit the internet the other day. They are great of course, but that one image were Cappy is standing in someone’s apartment have us scratching our heads a little bit. Is he standing in Peter Parker’s apartment? It’s possible. We …

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May 04

How Much Money Did Amazing Spider-Man 2 Make? – Box Office


How are you guys doing on this Sunday? The pressing question on everyone’s minds: how much money did Amazing Spider-Man 2 make? Or maybe even, did it make more that Captain America 2 when in its opening weekend? No it did not, but it was pretty close. $92 million is the total Spidery made this …

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Apr 27

Captain America Brought Down by The Other Woman and Boobs – Box Office


Hello gang. Time to see how those awesome movies did this weekend in the box office. Captain America has finally been brought down, but not by Paul Walker and his monkey-like parkour sidekick. No, two ladies and boobs brought him down this weekend. The Other Woman is the box office champ, but Captain America 2 …

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Apr 20

Did Johnny Depp Take Down Captain America? – Box Office


Captain America 2 goes for a three-peater this weekend, and it is up to Johnny Depp or an endless amount of dick and fart jokes to bring him down. Given that Transcendence was a huge critical flop, and Haunted House 2 is, well, Marlon Wayans’ blind attempt at comedy again, the Captain couldn’t be brought …

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Apr 09

Can Kevin Costner or a Possessed Mirror Bring Down Captain America? – Weekend Warrior

It is Weekend Warrior time, and we have three new movies that are going to try and bring down Captain America. I highly doubt any of them will, but look at that Oculous rating. For a haunted house movie, that is pretty impressive, and I can’t wait to see. Let me know what you guys …

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Apr 06

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Sets New Box Office Record – Box Office

It is Sunday, so let’s see how those wonderful movies did over the weekend that we dished out hard earned dollars to. Obviously this weekend was Captain America: The Winter Soldier weekend, so no other films dared to go up against it. And with that, the superhero sequel sets a new April box office record …

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Apr 04

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Film Review

Captain America returns for an all new adventure, and this concludes the Phase 2 individual movies before we get Avengers: Age of Ultron. Captain America is the only one out of the four that stuck around with S.H.I.E.L.D, so he continues to perform missions for them, but as he is doing so, he continues to …

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Apr 02

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel’s Best? – Weekend Warrior

Hey Film nerds. Time for that new segment I started last week, where I started talking about the new movies that were coming out the upcoming weekend. I go over their Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and give my box office predictions. Now obviously, there is no doubt in our minds that Captain America: The Winter Soldier …

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Mar 20

Cast and Directors of Captain America 2 Talk Batman Vs. Superman Showdown. Shots Fired! [Video]

Never did I ever think I would hate on the one and only Samuel L. Jackson, but guys…I am right now. The Batman Vs. Superman and Captain America 3 showdown is still the event two years in the making. That is plenty of time for one of these studios to back out of the May …

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Mar 06

Watch a 4-Minute Preview of Captain America 2!

Antsy for some more Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Felt like the first trailers weren’t enough? Marvel to the rescue. A 4-minute preview of the new sequel has hit the internet today, and it is…dare I say…Marvelous? The preview actually shows the beginning of a mission Captain America and the Black Widow go on, where …

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