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Jan 16

The Fox Shake-Up with New Mutants, Deadpool 2, and Gambit

Fox did a little rearranging of their Marvel movies. Nothing to be scared about. New Mutants apparently is getting more scares. Gambit lost director Gore Verbinski. New Mutants – Feb. 22, 2019 Deadpool 2 – May 18, 2018 Gambit – June 7, 2019

Apr 26

Disney Releases Huge Movie Release Date Slate Including Star Wars 9 and Indiana Jones 5

Disney Releases Huge Movie Release Date… by filmjunkee Yesterday, Disney decided to let us know they have secured quite a few dates for the next three years for their movies. The big ones being Star Wars 9, Indiana Jones 5, and Frozen 2, but look at all those dates down there. I say bring it, …

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Mar 21

Black Panther Does a Good Batman Impression in New Set Videos and Photos

Black Panther Does a Good Batman Impression in… by filmjunkee We’re getting our first bit of Black Panther set photos and videos surfacing out of South Korea. T’Challa takes a ride on top of a car which draws parallels to what we saw when they were shooting Suicide Squad and Batman was on top of the …

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Nov 04

Doctor Strange – Film Review

Doctor Strange is now upon us, and it is supposed to take the MCU to a whole other level. With a star-studded led by Benedict Cumberbatch, how could it not? Check out my review above.

Oct 31

Doctor Strange Box Office Starts Strong Internationally…So It’s a Flop

Doctor Strange Box Office Starts Strong… by filmjunkee Doctor Strange hits theaters this week in the US, but it’s already opening up in the international market. The outlandish hero has already pulled in $86 million, so that means it’s a flop, right? Of course not. If it was a DCEU movie, then yes, it would …

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Oct 08

First Iron Fist Trailer Arrives and The Defenders Have Their Villain

First Iron Fist Trailer Arrives and The… by filmjunkee The Marvel/Netflix panel wrapped up and we have our first trailer for Iron Fist which you can find down below. It’s looking to be yet another winner for Marvel and Netflix. They also announced that Sigourney Weaver will play the main villain in The Defenders. Bring …

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Jul 27

Spider-Man Concept Art Shows Up with Doctor Strange and Other Marvel Heroes

Spider-Man Concept Art Shows up with Doctor… by filmjunkee The image of our favorite Marvel heroes from the movies has been circulating around that was taken at Disney. Everyone was getting excited about the Spider-Man image and wondered if it was new concept art from Spider-Man Homecoming. Turns out the art is from the Spider-Man …

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Jul 23

Marvel Releases New Movie Logos, Casting News, and Footage!

Marvel Releases New Movie Logos, Casting News… by filmjunkee Marvel Studios brought the goods for their panel today at Comic Con, and footage was shown, but we won’t be able to see it. What they did show everyone is the new logos for Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, Thor Ragnarok, and Captain …

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Jun 25

The Fox and Marvel Studios Crossover Rumor is Back

The Fox and Marvel Studios Crossover Rumor is Back by filmjunkee The rumor that every nerd boy wants is back. The idea of having the X-Men in an Avengers movie will make anyone of us swoon and Matt Key decided to do some talking about it on Collider Heroes. I’ve heard from a few of …

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Apr 22

Inhumans Movie Released Date Removed from MCU Movie Slate

Inhuman Movie Released Date Removed from MCU… by filmjunkee The Inhumans movie was going to further the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the cosmos, but today the release date that was July 12th, 2019, has been removed from the Marvel Studios movie slate. No word on exactly why but it probably has something to do with Spider-Man …

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